About me.

NORDHORN KITE FLIERS - a one man kite team
with Thorsten Gräser

After more than 30 years it is impossible to say, how many kites I have. You can see a small choice here on my photo-site.

After a long time with building kites in serveral designs und forms I decided to build special inflatable kites.

I choose the comic-series "Looney Tunes" for my project. Every year I build a new one and I still have a lot of work for the next years.

At the moment there are:
- Bugs Bunny
- Marvin, the Martian
- Will E. Coyote
- Roadrunner

On 2012 I start with a new Series: Super Mario and his friends.

At the moment there are:
- Super Mario
- Yoshi

On 2020 I start with another Series: The Minions. The worlds famous Buddies.

At the moment there are:
- A Team of seven Minions


In addition to the inflatable kites I have several other, for example:

- Wind turbines with 15 meters up to 30 meters
- Bol's with diameters from 2 meters up to 8 meters
- Starfish's with lengths from 1 meter up to 5 meters
- Shark's like Comic-Figures

- Gecko´s and Lynn-Fishes
- Several Lester Legs from 2 meters up to 9 meters
- Wind chimes in the form of beetles and balls
- Spike-Balls from 10 centimetre up to 8 meters
- Several kites, that can be used in a night flight show

And many, many other different kites.

At the moment I have approx. 4.500 square meters of used cloth.

So, have fun with my website and don´t hesitate to contact me for any further information.


Thorsten Gräser

Thorsten Gräser - Yoshi

Thorsten Gräser - Super Mario

Thorsten Gräser - Berck sur Mer/F

Thorsten Gräser

Thorsten Gräser

Thorsten Gräser - Portsmouth/GB

Thorsten Gräser - Nordhorn Kite Fliers

Nordhorn Kite Fliers
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